1.100% bamboo towels. (the pile and base are 100%bamboo, so the total composition is 100% bamboo). 

2.70% bamboo 30%cotton towels. (the pile is 100%bamboo and base are 100%cotton, total composition scale is 70% bamboo30%cotton). 

3.92%bamboo8%micro fiber.(the pile is 100%bamboo and base construction are with 8%micro fiber, total composition scale is 92% bamboo8%micro fiber).

Bamboo is premium quality soft, high absorption, breathable, antibacterial, anti-oder, eco-friendly...

specially for the bamboo super softness, everyone will like once touch the softness.


bamboo is natural and need some care! 

bamboo fiber is very soft and smooth, it may have the snag problem during washing, touch some sharp things.  this make it seems not good once thread come out.

Do not pull again when there is pile loose, just cut it with scissors will be ok. 

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