our color dyeing production line have 4 kind of capacity level machines (most factory are similar condition as liahren machines) : 

1. sample capacity color machine 25kgs/color ( machines quantity take about 5% of our total color dyeing machines).

we have 5 this small machines for sample colors production. they are always busy.  

2. medium capacity color machine 150kgs/color ( machines quantity take about 30% of our total color dyeing machines).

the orders about 150kgs/color are much and always busy waiting in line, so it will become busy and long time in busy season.

3. large capacity color machine: 300kgs-500kgs/color ( machines quantity take about 50% of our total color dyeing machines).

it will be faster if to use this big machine. 

4. extra large color machine: 1000kgs/color( this is for big orders production ( machines quantity take about 15% of our total color dyeing machines) 

If it is to make 300kgs/color, Big capacity color dyeing machine will make the fabric production more faster specially in busy season.

the 150kgs machine are always very busy, you know there are always small orders from each client, so it will take more time waiting in busy season.

so if it is regular fabric and colors you always use, if it can make 300kgs/color, please make 300kgs/color. we can make them together and faster and you also can make your production faster and easier with stock and not need to always wait and repeat same small orders again and again also we are chased urgently (smile) always. thank you very much.